4 Salesforce Apps that will Transform Your CRM

There is more to Salesforce than meets the eye. The CRM is just the tip of the iceberg although that’s what Salesforce is most known for. Here we explore some of the most popular Salesforce Apps from the AppExchange that will up the ante on what Salesforce can do for you.

1. DocuSign:

What comes next after you make a sale? Obviously getting the customer to sign a purchase order, a license agreement or a Scope of Work document. DocuSign integrates beautifully with Salesforce to seamlessly transition an opportunity into a customer and sending them the required documents for electronic signatures through DocuSign. Hundreds of thousands of companies are going digital with DocuSign and you could be next.

2. Conga Composer:

If DocuSign allows digital signatures on documents, Conga Composer helps you create them. Whether you need to create spreadsheets, presentations or documentation, Conga allows you to automate data entry through standard and custom Salesforce objects to create documents in Microsoft Office and other formats. The rich array of templates allows you to create tables, charts, dashboards and a host of other content. Conga integrates with Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Chatter and Communities.

3. Geopointe:

This fascinating app maps your Salesforce data to geographies and analyzes them to deliver insights which can be used for route optimization, market clustering, heat mapping, targeted campaigning and several other business intelligence outcomes. Geopointe is now Lightning and Salesforce1 ready.

4. Milestones PM:

Milestones is your quintessential project management app that allows you to manage projects and tasks for your users. Developed by Salesforce Labs, Milestones PM allows you to engage methodically with converted customers and manage projects with utmost precision. Yes there are plenty of other project management apps out there, but the Salesforce integration with Milestones sets it apart from the rest.

5. DocuVault:

An app to watch out for, DocuVault expands the very limited file storage capabilities of Salesforce and allow you to store large files from within Salesforce. With Amazon S3 secure storage, DocuVault allows you to store your documents from Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Custom Cloud or Communities. The app provides versioning control, download tracking, bulk file management – all from a simple drag and drop interface. DocuVault is Salesforce1 ready and allows you to track the geolocation of the upload as well.


With thousands of business apps and over four million installs, Salesforce AppExchange is one of the most successful business app marketplaces out there. What we have here is just a sprinkling of them – your business might require a completely different set of apps. If you would like to understand more about our Salesforce services, do get in touch with us. We enjoy helping companies squeeze the best out of their Salesforce investment.

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