5 Must Have Integrations with Marketing Cloud ExactTarget

ExactTarget is powerful and if you are using it, then you already know it. If you transitioned from a simpler email marketing tool such as MailChimp or MyEmma then you were probably overwhelmed by the number of levers ExactTarget presents to you. Yet, there are some aspects of email marketing that are best left to niche software that do a really nice job within their sphere of influence and also integrate nicely with ExactTarget. Here we are going to explore some of them:

1. SurveyGizmo:

I am willing to bet that if you send out emails, you probably also send out surveys – either to measure customer satisfaction or to generate statistics for reports, or simply to get RSVPs for an event. ExactTarget certainly presents a few options for sending out surveys:
a) Use “My Surveys” to embed the survey WITHIN the email
b) Use CloudPages to create a landing page, where you can embed either a SmartCapture form, a Salesforce Web2Lead form or a SurveyMonkey survey.
While all the above are legit options, I prefer SurveyGizmo because it is tightly integrated with ExactTarget and gives you a high level of synergy. Some of the key benefits of using SurveyGizmo are:
a) Pull data from the subscribers in ExactTarget and auto-populate the survey. This is super convenient to your survey respondents because they don’t have to go through the labor of re-filling information that you already have.
b) Push results of the survey back into ExactTarget so you can trigger further emails based on the responses. A simplistic example of this would be to trigger a “We will miss you” email to someone who RSVPed ‘NO’ to an event.

2. Bizible:

For all its features, one area that marketers are increasingly getting accustomed to, but is lacking in ExactTarget, is closed-loop reporting. Being able to track every dollar spent all the way to every dollar earned is not yet possible with ExactTarget. However, if you have Salesforce integrated with Marketing Cloud, then you could use Bizible from the AppExchange to create closed-loop reports and track the source of every customer. Bizible gives you the flexibility to define your attribution model – first-touch, last-touch or weighted so you are able to correctly analyze the ROI on each marketing channel and campaign and optimize your future spending.

3. ReturnPath:

Even the most compelling emails are no good if they are not delivered. ReturnPath ensures the deliverability of your email with its plethora of tools that monitor your sending reputation, email spam triggers and inbox monitoring. With the ReturnPath integration, you will be able to tell what your competitors are doing better than you, and how you can optimize your own email strategy.

4. Litmus:

How much time do you spend testing how your emails look in various clients and browsers? Litmus allows you to easily test your emails before sending them out with a variety of email clients including Outlook, Apple Mail, IBM Notes, Gmail App, all variants of iPhones, Office 365 and Yahoo Mail along with Explorer, Firefox and Chrome browsers. With Litmus you can rest easy and know that your emails are rendering properly across devices, browsers and clients.

5. Marketing Cloud Connect

Last but not the least, one of the most valuable integrations that Marketing Cloud has, is with Salesforce itself. By using Marketing Cloud Connect you can integrate either Sales Cloud or Service Cloud with Marketing Cloud and send email tracking data back to them. The primary use case for this integration is so that sales reps and customer service reps can quickly check the email history of a prospect or a customer before talking to them to understand their engagement with your product/service.


There certainly are plenty of other apps that are real handy in upping ExactTarget’s game but these are 5 must haves that we have found most useful for our customers. If you are considering ExactTarget as your email marketing tool, or if you already have it as part of your system, we would love to have a chat and help you leverage it to the maximum. Get your ExactTarget email studio partner today!

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