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With Great Power Comes Great Complexity.

ExactTarget is one of the most dynamic products within Salesforce. The true power of this marketing platform is in being able to dig deep into the code and deliver a seamless customer experience. With some of the most complex ExactTarget implementations under our belt, we are your ideal partner if you have a complex requirement.

What We Do

We understand ExactTarget's finest nuances and are able to build
a custom solution that will provide a compelling experience to your consumers.


Setup your ExactTarget in record time and get going with your campaigns. Users, permissions, custom branding and default templates are part of a QuickStart configuration.


Some of the most powerful features of ExactTarget are unleashed when you integrate it with complementary apps such as SurveyGizmo, Litmus, ReturnPath, Bizible and of course Salesforce.


Get up and running quickly by moving data from your existing marketing automation tool to ExactTarget. Be it MailChimp, MyEmma, SilverPop or Responsys, we will migrate your data seamlessly.


Need a Custom Profile Center or complex triggered journeys? We build emails with AMPScript and deliver in-depth information about your consumer behavior to you and give them a better email experience.


Make sure every ExactTarget user is comfortable with the tool. From creatives to marketing managers, sales users to admins and QAs, we ensure that everyone is on board with your fantastic new tool.


Build your team quickly with ThinkRepublic staffing services. Our consultants include AMPScript developers, Marketing Cloud Consultants, and Integration and Data Specialists.

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