• Close Deals Faster With Lead Nurturing

    Woo Your Prospects.


Don't be fooled. It is more than email.

A lot of customers buy Pardot to be able to send emails. But then they quickly realize that it can do much more. In fact, it can become the focal point of your entire sales and marketing engine. But you need a partner that knows and understands that. That is where we come in.

What We Do

We understand that Pardot is a swiss-army knife. It can be used to lure in prospects.
It can be used to nurture them over extended periods of time. It can be used to convert
them when the time is right. And we know how to make this happen.


Configuring users and social media accounts is easy. The complexity is in setting up automations. Lead scoring, page actions, filters and automation rules will put your marketing on auto-pilot.


Pardot talks to your website, your social media accounts, your AdWords account, and most importantly, your Salesforce instance. Expand the scope of your Pardot with integrations.


If you have used email before, then you need to migrate your lists, email templates, landing pages, forms and a host of other legacy assets from your previous tool. Fret not, we have that covered.


For Pardot to integrate seamlessly with Salesforce, you need to map your Salesforce fields into Pardot to be able to properly segment your audience before sending out an email. Allow us to setup your custom fields for you.


Marketing has moved on. Today it is about customer journeys, personalization and targeted campaigns. We train your users on not just Pardot, but also best practices in scenarios such as event marketing and webinar campaigns.


Looking to hire a full-time Pardot Specialist or a Consultant? Talk to us about our highly experienced personnel who are available to be hired for short-term or long-term contracts.

Need help with Pardot?

Let us know. We'd love to help!